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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions (FAQ)

Its 2 A.M. and my water line just broke!

First, remain calm. Try to locate a valve near the break and shut off water to the area. If all else fails, find the main water valve and shutoff the water. Next, call our office and a live operator will assist you in this matter. If not an emergency, a member of our team will contact you early in the morning to repair your plumbing problem.

Should I use the cleaning tablets to freshen my toilet tank?

We recommend not using the cleaning tablets. There is nothing wrong with the deodorizers, but after time the tablet will clog the small jets that allow water to fill the toilet bowl. Once this occurs, all the tiny jets will need to be cleaned so that water will properly flow again.

My laundry drain always clogs. What can I do to stop this?

First, we recommend that you have a strainer or drain cover over the drain in which the discharge tube of the washer dumps into. Also it may be helpful to keep a lint sock over the dryer’s discharge line. Most laundry drains are plugged with lint and fabric coming out of the washer or dryer.

I have no hot water and my tank is not leaking.

First determine if the tank is a natural gas or electric model. If electric, has the breaker in the electric panel tripped? We have found this to be a common occurrence in tank problems. If the breaker continues to trip, there may be something wrong in the wiring or heating element of the tank. For gas water heaters, the most frequent problems arise when the pilot light goes out. If this has occurred, read the manufactures instructions for lighting the pilot or call our office and we will be glad to walk your through it. If the problem continues to occur, problems may exist with the gas control valve or a thermocouple. Either way, we can repair the problem.

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